‘White powdery substance’ shutters Joliet police station

1 week ago 8

Joliet fire and police officials were investigating a suspicious substance found inside the lobby area of the Joliet Police Department Wednesday evening.

The white powdery substance was first discovered inside an elevator at the Joliet Police station by a custodian around 8 p.m., said Sgt. Dwayne English, a spokesman for the Joliet Police Department.

“It looked like it had been spread throughout the lobby and by the front doors,” English said.

The lobby area, which includes front desk staff, was evacuated and the Joliet Fire Department was currently working to determine what the substance is. As of 9 p.m. the lobby area remained closed.

No one has been injured, English said.

The department’s 911 dispatchers continue to work inside the building, English said, noting their station is not near where the substance was found.

Officers also are stationed outside the front entrance of the building to help anyone needing police assistance, English said.

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