Police begging for help in returning heart surgeon’s stolen glasses

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Police in Birmingham, England, are making a desperate plea to the public in helping them find a heart surgeon’s glasses that were stolen from his car, rendering him incapable of doing any surgeries for weeks.

At Queen Elizabeth hospital, Dr. Stephen Rooney utilizes his magnifying glasses to conduct major and sometimes lifesaving heart surgery on many patients.

The stolen glasses are similar to these.

The stolen glasses are similar to these. (Shutterstock/Shutterstock)

Rooney’s glasses are so rare that the few companies who do produce the eyewear said that it would take roughly six weeks for the surgeon to get a new pair, according to The Guardian.

The glasses are also custom designed and would not be of much benefit to anyone except Rooney.

“Because of how crucial the glasses are to his work, we’re appealing for help to get them back,” West Midlands police said. “Our priority is for the glasses to be returned to the hospital, and we are appealing directly to the people who’ve taken them to do the right thing and take them back.”

The loupes are essentially mini magnifying glasses that are placed on top of existing glasses and assist in giving the wearer a more close view of an object, or in Rooney’s case, a patient’s heart.

“The loupes are absolutely essential for carrying out painstaking, intricate heart procedures,” police added.

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