Retired federal judge, outside law firm to investigate botched CPD raid, mayor says

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced retired federal Judge Ann Claire Williams and Chicago-based law firm Jones Day will lead an outside investigation of the botched Chicago police raid on a the home of social worker Anjanette Young in 2019.

Video from the raid at the home of Anjanette Young shows a her pleading with police officers, telling them they were in the wrong home, as she was handcuffed and naked.

City Council members learned of the outside investigation Tuesday just minutes before two Council committees — Health and Human Relations, and Public Safety — held a joint hearing to address search CPD warrant procedures.

“Her mandate will include every relevant department, including the Mayor’s Office,” Lightfoot said in the letter announcing the investigation. “We want a review of the procedures and process in place that allowed this incident and subsequent actions to unfold as they did.”

Lightfoot also assured Williams and Jones Day, where Williams works, will have “full cooperation” from the city.

“She will follow the facts where they lead. The results of her investigation will be shared with you and the public.” Lightfoot said.

Young was getting ready for bed and naked when nearly a dozen officers broke down her door to execute a search warrant — a warrant authorized on bad information. She was immediately handcuffed, and officers failed to properly cover her body.

Young pleaded with officers and told them, more than 40 times, they were in the wrong home.

The encounter was captured on police body-worn camera and came to light during a CBS Channel 2 broadcast. The event took place in February 2019 but the city fought to prevent the broadcast of the video, and took legal action against Young.

After backlash, a request for sanctions against Young’s attorney was dropped.

“There are many things that must be done to right the wrong for Ms. Young individually and I am prepared to do so, swiftly,” Lightfoot said.

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