32 Funny TV Scenes That Make People Laugh Every Single Time

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From The Good Place to Psych to The Carol Burnett Show.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV scenes never fail to make them laugh. Here are the hilarious results.

🚨 Spoilers ahead! 🚨

1. On The Good Place, when Chidi and Eleanor tried to murder Janet, but she was programmed to beg for her life whenever someone tried to reboot her.

Janet pleading for her life on the beach


2. On Roseanne, when Jackie had to call her elderly aunt to let her know about a death in the family, but her aunt couldn't hear a word she was saying.

Jackie yelling on the phone


"This scene from Roseanne will never not make me laugh until I cry. 'HE’S FINE! HE SENDS HIS LOVE!'"


3. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake forgot he was looking for a murderer and made all of the suspects sing "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys.

Jake talking to the suspected criminals through the glass at the police station


4. On Living Single, when Max wanted to get a giant panther tattoo, but Regine tried to talk her out of it.

Max and Regine at the tattoo shop


5. On I Love Lucy, when Lucy and Ethel had to wrap candy in the chocolate factory, but the conveyor belt was simply too fast.

Lucy and Ethel trying to wrap chocolates


6. On The Cosby Show, when Sondra said she was dropping out of law school to help Elvin open a wilderness store, but Clair wasn't having any of it.

Sondra getting scolded by her mom


7. On Parks and Recreation, when Leslie had to give a speech at the hockey rink, but everyone kept slipping on the ice on their way to the podium.

Everyone falling on the ice


"The hilarity of everyone trying to walk across the ice, slipping, and falling while the song 'Get on Your Feet' repeats in the background...it's comedic gold."


8. On Schitt's Creek, when Moira thought she killed someone, so she talked to David about it and accidentally made him an accomplice.

David and Moira confronting each other in David's store


"I am in stitches every single time I watch this scene because both she and David think they're about to go to jail. I also love the part with Patrick and Moira's scone."


9. On Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, when Titus thought his boyfriend was cheating on him, so he walked through the street like he was Beyoncé in her "Hold Up" music video.

Titus walking down the street with a baseball bat and yellow dress


10. On Veep, when everyone had to testify in front of Congress, and they read every insult Selina's team made about Jonah in their "Jonad Files."

Jonah, Amy, and Dan sitting before Congress


"I watch that clip on YouTube all the time when I need cheering up."


11. On Bob's Burgers, when Bob let Tina practice driving in the empty parking lot, and she somehow crashed into the only other car that was there.

Tina driving and crashing into the only other car in the parking lot


12. On 30 Rock, when Liz tried to get out of jury duty by dressing up as Princess Leia and using a fake voice, but the bailiff wasn't having any of it.

Liz wearing a Princess Leia outfit at jury duty


13. On The Golden Girls, when Rose told everyone about the Great Herring War, but no one could keep it together.

The women sitting at the kitchen table


14. On Community, when Annie chloroformed the janitor in order to help Troy and Abed escape, but evvvvverything backfired.

Everyone lying on the floor and pretending to be unconscious


"The whole scene is perfect, everything from Troy's sudden panic (and jumping over the guy's body) to Abed's backup plan completely failing."


15. On Friends, when Ross, Chandler, and Rachel tried to carry a new couch up the stairs, but they kept getting stuck.

Ross trying to carry the couch up the stairs


16. On New Girl, when everyone helped Winston realize that he's colorblind, and his whole life finally started to make sense.

Schmidt questioning Winston's shoe color


"The funniest part is when he’s doing the jigsaw puzzle, but most of the pieces are just cardboard-side up!"

Ana and MotherOfCats

17. On Seinfeld, when George pretended to be a marine biologist and removed a golf ball from a whale's blowhole, which was accidentally shot in there by Kramer.

The gang sitting in their regular booth at the diner


18. On Psych, when Gus tried to extract the note from his boss's dead body without leaving any evidence behind, but he failed miserably.

Gus accidentally destroying an office

USA Network

19. On The Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon tried to hide from Leonard in the ball pit.

Sheldon hiding in the ball pit


"You can't have a list like this and not include the famous ball pit scene where Sheldon loses his marbles and pops up like a Whac-A-Mole game and shouting, 'BAZINGA!'"


20. On The Office, when everyone had to go through CPR training, but it somehow turned into a dance party.

Everyone dancing and singing while performing CPR on a dummy


"Everything from Michael singing the wrong song to Kelly getting up and dancing, to Dwight cutting the face off the CPR dummy and quoting The Silence of the Lambs...I crack up every time!"


21. On The IT Crowd, when Douglas made the most awkward and unbelievable entrance at his father's funeral.

Douglas appearing at his father's funeral and attacking the priest

Channel 4

"The funniest scene is at Denholm Reynholm's funeral when Douglas comes in and shouts, 'FATHERRRR!!!!'"


22. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, when Mary couldn't stop laughing during the funeral for Chuckles the Clown.

Mary laughing uncontrollably at the funeral house


23. On Fleabag, when Claire's coworker walked into the elevator right after Fleabag farted, and she commented on the scent.

Fleabag farting in the elevator while carrying a tray of food, and one of Claire's coworkers walks in

BBC Three

"Look, I'm not normally into this type of humor at all, but the delivery of the random woman in the elevator gets me every time. It's the exact opposite of what you think is going to happen, and that's why it works so well. All of Season 2 is perfection."

Spencer Althouse

24. On Martin, when Martin tried to find out who stole his CD player and used a stuffed animal to intimidate the suspects.

Martin carrying around a stuffed animal and pretending it's a real dog


25. On Frasier, when Niles tried to iron his pants but kept fainting at the sight of blood, and the whole apartment caught on fire.

Niles accidentally setting the apartment on fire


"It is absolutely one of the funniest moments in TV history. Watch it if you haven't seen it yet. You won't be sorry."


26. On The Carol Burnett Show, when Tim Conway played a dentist and kept accidentally injecting himself with novocaine, making his limbs go numb.

Tim Conway as a dentist getting hit with the Novocaine needle, making his legs and arms go numb in front of a patient

CBS Television City

27. On Will & Grace, when Jack got extreme paralysis after putting too much numbing cream on his hands and face, and Will tricked him into thinking the only solution was to eat a banana.

Jack trying to eat a banana with numb hands


"Just watch the scene. You won't regret it."


28. On WKRP in Cincinnati, when Les reported live on the streets as turkeys were thrown from a helicopter to promote a Thanksgiving Day sale.

Les Nessman reporting in front of a grocery story while turkeys fall from the sky


"They were just trying to give away turkeys for Thanksgiving. You see nothing — you only hear it — but it is hilarious!"


29. On It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, when Dennis and Mac tried to help Charlie make a dating profile, but there was absolutely nothing redeeming about him to highlight.

Charlie sitting on the couch, looking disheveled, while Mac and Dennis sit across from him


"This is the funniest scene ever. No matter how many times I see it, it's still hilarious."


30. On The West Wing, when Josh and C.J. learned that the illustration of the world map was factually incorrect, and they had no idea how to process that info.

C.J. looking at an upside-down map and freaking out


"Josh and C.J. finding out that the world map is illustrated incorrectly is so hilarious."


31. On The Fresh Prince, when Will accidentally walked in on his mom and Lisa's dad in bed together.

Will catching his mom in bed with a man


32. And on Saturday Night Live, when everyone laughed so hard that they started crying during the iconic "Debbie Downer at Disney World" sketch.

Lindsay Lohan and the cast laughing during the sketch


Did your favorite scene not make the list? Use the comments below to tell us which TV moment you think is the funniest of all time!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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